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Configuring the WHMCS Cron Notifications addon is rather straightforward, and can be done inside of the standard WHMCS Addon Setup menu.


Here’s how to do it:

Temporarily disable alerts.:
Hush the alerts when you know the system isn’t doing what it should (ie: just after install)

Your License:
You can obtain this information by going to your client area . This is needed to activate the product and view the output

Hours Before Alert:
If your cron hasn’t completed in this long (hours), then you’ll start receiving alerts. Crons are designed to run once a day, so if yours hasn’t, you should seek assistance.

Alert on backup failure:
This will alert if the backups failed. Since these are their own crons, many don’t want this to be enabled.

API User (for email)
This must be a valid admin user and must have full admin privileges due to the API restrictions


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