Room based services


This is your ‘room based’ service alert page. This will apply to any chat based services, such as Ryver, Hipchat, Campfire, Slack, and others that may be added.

Each department (the leftmost pane) will have a variety of ‘channels’ that it may have alerts sent to.  You can configure this to go to one, or all channels if you like

Additionally, each department will have specific notify requirements. You can tell the system to send alerts based on nags, new  tickets, moves and ticket replies

At the far most right, you’ll see an “Enabled”  check. If this is not checked, then the department will not  alert. This is a quick way of turning off all alerts

As most won’t have but one single chat based method (hipchat, etc), this part of the configuration will carry across to all chat based methods. If it’s enabled in one, it’ll be enabled across the board for any chat based method you have.

As with the nag configuration, you don’t need to save anything, or click any buttons. Simply checking something will indeed save the data.

For a quick way to enable, or disable options per row, use the + and – buttons at the top of the row.

For a quick way to enable or disable alerts for a single department, tick the ‘enable’ row in each department


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