Campfire Configuration

Campfire is a long used system for obtaining alerts. While it’s on it’s death bed, we still provide support for this service. As long as their API is continuing to work as it should, then things will be sent through 🙂
It should be noted that Campfire cannot handle things like URLs well, so it’s recommended to NOT use this protocol if you need some sort of URL to click on.
Here’s a brief explanation for the Campfire configuration

  1. Campfire URL (no trailing slash).
    Should be something like
  2. Campfire API Token .
    You can obtain this by going to Campfire directly. To obtain this, login to campfire , go to ‘my info’ (top right)
  3. Campfire Webhook Key
    Like the others, not terribly useful (now), however, as we integrate webhooks into the system, these will become more and more useful
  4. Campfire Sales/Support/Default/Administrivia/Emergency room number
    The purpose of these should be pretty straightforward.
    You can obtain each of these by visiting the campfire install, and clicking on the room itself. The room will show up (in the URL bar) as something like
    The room is everything after room/ (leave the slash out)


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