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Now that you’ve installed the prerequisites , you’re ready to download and upload the product to your server. Here’s what you need to do here:

  1. Unzip the product on your local computer
  2. Rename the ‘admin’ directory to your custom admin directory
  3. Rename lang/overrides/english.rename.php to lang/overrides/english.php . If you already have a lang/overrides/english.php, then add the contents of english.rename.php to that
  4. Upload everything in the download to your WHMCS installation
  5. Visit your administrative page, click on setup , then navigate to ‘addon modules’, and then click the ‘activate’ button.
  6. Continue with the ‘configuration’.

Add the following client fields in admin → setup → client fields. They must be named precisely, as this field will be looked up

  • cell phone
  • pushover key
  • Pushbullet Email
  • Telegram ID

If added, and available, your clients will receive notifications when appropriate via those channels

Other Resources

We’re more than happy to provide assistance . You can pose your questions in the product forum, or you can ask us directly . Either way, we’ll respond to you as soon as possible.

Feature requests and bug reports should be made through our feedback page.


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