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Configuring the WHMCS User and IP Extended Control addon is rather simple, and done from your administration area, in admin → setup → addon modules.

Here’s a bit better description of what these options do.

Your License: You can obtain this information by going to your client area . This is needed to activate the product and view the output

Admin Restrict: Using this option will restrict admin logins to specific IP addresses in the database. Don’t worry if you get locked out, we provide a way to unlock yourself.

Block Recheck Time: This is the initial time that the block will be for. Rather than check every time your visitor sees your site, a session block is placed, which can be cleared by the administrator. If the session block still exists, then the user is automatically forwarded to the block page

Login Failures: How many times must a user (not admin) login before they’re shown the block page, automatically?

Misc login / user validation queries: See the documentation for our User Validation Enhanced product, this will explain each and every one of these.

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